11 Sites That Can Help Boost Your Mood

Do you ever have those days when you feel like it’s just not your day where you just feel stumped, demotivated, or bored? Yep, you have those days once in a while. So how do you boost your mood to get you up? Here are some sites to get you up and running…

1. 9GAG
Just one mention of this site and you already know it’s gonna boost your mood. 9GAG is the site to go to when you need some humor laid down on many things. From memes to lists, 9GAG will stop at nothing to make you laugh.

2. Engrish
English… it’s the language we use a lot these days. So what happens when you try to mix it up when translating stuff from other languages? You get Engrish. This hilarious site can boost your mood because it’ll make you laugh at the many ways translating stuff falls flat. Just one look at this:

Credit: Engrish

You’ll laugh out hard.

3. 1000 Awesome Things
If humor isn’t your thing to boost your mood, why not finding out the things that are awesome? That’s what 1000 Awesome Things can do. Created by Neil Pasricha, this blog shows you that even in this fast-changing world, the awesome things in life are right in front of us. The awesome things described in the blog may be simple, but they’ll remind you that something like taking a phone call and it’s someone you thought of or picking your nose (yes, it’s really listed there) are just ways to appreciate life even more.

The Good News Network
It’s just a bummer that we have to go through an onslaught of bad and sad news these days. So why not get some good news instead? That’s what the Good News Network is for. In this site, they aim to provide an alternative to today’s news by giving you news on inspiring events that’ll make you feel good. It also boosts your mood because it’ll let you see that behind the wars, the tragedies, and the other negative stuff, you can see good people share their vibes with the world.

Happy News
Similar to no.4, Happy News does away with what you usually see on today’s news and go with the uplifting and positive stories that’ll make your heart happy in knowing there are still good left in the world.

6. The Oatmeal
From humorous posts to good news, how about some comics? The Oatmeal will be a good one to go for. This site (which is not about the nutritious breakfast meal) features a variety of comics that’ll make you laugh a lot. I mean, this will pretty much boost your mood if you’re feeling a bit down today. Also, they’re arranged in posts that show you what the themes are all about.

7. Akinator
Think someone can guess who you’re thinking of? Then give Akinator a shot. Here, you’ll find someone known as The Web Genie who will ask you a bunch of questions related to who you might be thinking of. It sounds ridiculous yes, but it’ll lighten up your day cuz you have to admit, his questions will make you grin and laugh. There are times he’ll even ask if the person you’re thinking of is a YouTuber. Yep, Web Genie will go that far to find out.

8. Barkpost Humor
Love dogs? Then Barkpost Humor is for you. You’ll see a bunch of lists and articles that show funny but heartwarming pictures of dogs doing silly things. It’ll boost your mood because there’s nothing quite like seeing a dog look innocently while doing something crazy. It’ll also show you that in this day and age, dogs can really be the ones to save your day.

9. HuffPost Good News Section
HuffPost is know for giving news in a wide range of topics such as politics, entertainment, and local news. But what you may not know is they have a Good News Section. Yep, similar to no. 4 and 5, the HuffPost Good News Section displays good news that’ll boost your mood. From the people who volunteer to save animals to parents going the distance for their children, the Good News Section will show you there is still hope in the world.

10. Go Comics
Remember back then when the Sunday newspaper had the comics section? While we can’t revive the good old days, you can receive the vibes with Go Comics. This is where you can check out the awesome comic strips that can lighten up your day. It’ll boost your mood because a lot of the comics will have you laugh and smile and realize you’ll be alright. Also, Dilbert Classics are a nice way to let you vent out your workplace frustrations. Hehe.

11. College Humor
Digging more of the crazy humor 9GAG offers that most people see as not so proper? College Humor’s got you covered. This site offers a wide selection of humorous content that’ll really boost your mood. From their original comics to videos to humorous articles, College Humor takes humor and spreads it good in a way that’ll have you laugh with joy. I mean, their videos are enough to make you forget your worries.  

There you have it! With these sites, you’ll have your mood boosted in no time 😉

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