5 Reasons Why You Should Just Chill When Plugged In

Plugging in is a part of our lives these days. You just turn on your preferred device, connect to the internet, and blast away. But sometimes, you may feel anxious, pressured, and other feelings that contribute to stress. Think it’s just coincidence? According to Strategic Psychology, technology has made quite an impact on our lives that a lot of us can easily get addicted to its outlets such as smartphones and stresses us out even more creating a cycle. So why not just relax when plugging in? Here are 5 reasons for why you should it…

1. It’ll help you enjoy your plugged in time at a good pace
Yeah, why not? You don’t have to feel so pressured plugging in all the time. You can simply go to a website, watch a YouTube video, read an article or do any online activity without pressure.

2. Give yourself a chance to savor the moments
Oh yes, you can. While they may not have those profound effects of the plugged out activities such as dunking a basketball or winning something physically, it’s nice to have a chance to savor the moments you get in a plugged in activity. From winning against someone in Tekken or finally tackling your TV show backlog with a smile, it’s nice to savor them. It’s also nice to treasure moments that can be memorable like having a nice Viber talk with a relative abroad.

3. Enjoy what is right in front of you
Yep, you should. Do you really need to think of another plugged in activity while you’re doing something already? When you plug in, just take a deep breath and enjoy what is right in front of you. So when you’re watching a movie or playing a video game, enjoy them as you do them. Don’t try to multitask and think of other plugged in activities you can do. It’ll just ruin the moment.

4. Accept and enjoy the limits
As you begin to balance your time while you’re plugged in, you’ll begin to accept and enjoy the limits. After all, it’s a good idea to make 30 minutes your starting point for plugged in activities. This will also help you see how valuable your time is. This means when you got 30 minutes and you’re doing something like watching a tutorial or reading an ebook, enjoy the limits you’ve set for yourself.

Yep, yep, yep. Instead of feeling FOMO, go for JOMO instead. You can’t do everything in the plugged in world and you certainly can’t spread your mind into pieces, so enjoy missing out and focus on the plugged in activity you’re doing with your limited time. When you do this, you’ll see that not all the plugged in activities are worth worrying about. So it’s like if you only have the Nintendo Switch, then enjoy it! If you only have your phone, enjoy that!

So embrace these reasons and you’ll be able to relax when you plug in. If you got other reasons for why we should all relax while plugging in, leave your comments below!

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