6 Fantastic Apps For Reading eBooks

eBooks: you know ’em, love ’em and/or hate ’em. Since the late 90s, eBooks have evolved. Back then, they were a hassle to access since technology was still growing. Today, you can read them on your computer, phone, tablet, and other devices with ease. Just a side note: physical books are still good to have. After all, Uproxx here says it’s better for our sleep, gives us better reading retention, and helps with childhood development. But hey, you’re here at Plugged In & Out, where we balance our online and offline lives. If you’re more into the physical side of things, you can skip this article. Otherwise, for those slowly embracing the world of eBooks, you’re going to need apps to get you into the game. Don’t worry, we scoured around and found the apps that’ll lend you a hand. Here they are….

1. Kindle
Yep, it’s the one and only Kindle. Made by Amazon, the Kindle is a series of e-readers designed to get everybody into eBooks easily. As the years went by, Kindle expanded into its own app which you can download on your phone and PC. This means you don’t need to get the e-reader to read books from the Kindle store; now you can get your device and read from there. With the choice to read the best ones to signing for a subscription akin to having a Netflix of books, Kindle’s a fantastic eBook app to get.

2. Bookari
It may sound silly when you think that this app was named because it combined “book” and “safari”, but Bookari is quite awesome. Not only does it support the EPUB and PDF formats, it also has some neat features such as a night mode and navigation panel for easy exploring. It also has a paid version which adds cloud support and other benefits.

3. Google Play Books
Google’s not going to standby and only be known to be the world’s search engine, so it’s gonna expand into other things such as books. That’s why they have Google Play Books. This app, much like the other readers out there, has the advantage of having its own store. So if you’re eager to read on the bestsellers or find something new, Google Play Books has you covered. It also takes cues from the best of the best by having features such as a built-in dictionary and text highlights. Also, you can upload your own eBooks too. This means if you got an eBook not found in the store, you can upload it to your library much like how you’d upload a local file in Spotify.

4. Kobo
Just one glance and you can see this is Kindle’s rival. Kobo is an eBook app that started out as a series of e-readers, just like Kindle, in Canada and France. It shares similarities with other readers but it competes well with support for lesser-known formats, complete sync with all devices you use the app with, and a robust store full of great books ready for purchasing and reading.

5. Scribd
Remember I mentioned a Netflix of books earlier? Well, there’s one app that got called for that long before the other reader apps out there started adapting it. Its name? Scribd. This app not only gives you access to a lot of eBooks that other apps don’t have due to its growing number of publishers, but it also offers a subscription service that gives you more bang for your bucks. It also has a personalized recommendation system and a feature for offline reading so in case the internet’s out, you can still read your favorite eBooks without losing progress.

6. Comixology
If words don’t get you by, how about comics? You can do just that with Comixology. With over thousands of comics from the well-known publishers such as Marvel and DC, you can read your comics on-the-go with its awesome app. Its well-known feature is the Guided View mode, where you can read your comics in an automatic way. Just like the other reader apps, you can either purchase your comics individually or go for its subscription plan where you can “read-all-you-can”. If there’s a Netflix for books, there’s a Netflix for comics.

Whether you’re eager to mix and match a library of your own personal preferences or just buy and read on your devices, these 6 fantastic apps will get you into the eBook world easily. 

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