7 Awesome Apps That’ll Help You Learn Yoga

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “yoga”? The super flexibility? The handstand that seem impossible to do? The bragging rights of being able to flex like you’re an elastic band? Whatever it is, it’s pretty clear: yoga has a lot of benefits ranging from lowering blood pressure, increasing flexibility, and improving sleep. I’ve recently been doing yoga these last few weeks and I can say with confidence it’s helped me a lot. 

With that said, you might still be on the fence about yoga. Maybe you’re still not sure if you can do it. Well, don’t worry, there are apps that’ll help you learn yoga and incorporate it to your daily life. Here are 7 of them: 

1. Pocket Yoga 
Yep, the name says it all! Pocket Yoga is an awesome app to start with because not only does it have 27 sessions that can fit your level, you can also keep track of your calories and the number of practices you’ve done. It also fully shows the correct procedures in doing each and every pose. 

2. FitStar Yoga
FitStar Yoga’s quite different from a lot of the apps out there because it’s taught by an expert yogi (more info here). Tara Stiles, the expert yogi in question, will give you yoga sessions that’ll help you reach your potential to new heights. This app has free and premium versions, lets you keep progress by syncing with fitness trackers, and gives you a chance to integrate with social media platforms. 

3. Yoga Studio
Another awesome app that’ll help you learn yoga nicely, Yoga Studio is a feature-packed app that has over 100+ videos for you to enjoy, curated class videos, a scheduler feature to pinpoint the time you’ll do your sessions, and more! 

4. Asana Rebel
If you’re the type who wants to learn yoga with a rebellious spirit, Asana Rebel’s for you. While it may not be traditional, it shows its potential for awesomeness by letting you do yoga in ways you never thought possible such as strength training, cardio, and more. Don’t worry, the traditional workouts are included here as well. 

5. Daily Yoga
No. 4 a bit intimidating for you? You can go for Daily Yoga. It’s built so that you can enter the world of yoga with ease. Just like its competitors, this app packs lots of features that’ll help get from the first level up to the max. It also lets you integrate it to Google Fit, use a variety of music and melodies to tailor the mood of your sessions, and more. 

6. Global Yoga Academy
Global Yoga Academy is a truly awesome yoga app to get. It not only has 200 poses detailed for you, you can also keep track of your progress and earn badges (kind of like trophies) and create your own custom classes. 

7. Down Dog
Want a yoga app that lets you have a randomized session to keep monotony from creeping in? Get yourself Down Dog. Hailed as the “#1 rated Yoga App”, Down Dog has a lot going for it. With its high-quality videos for poses, fantastic customization options, and more, Down Dog will definitely make you see yoga in a different light.

With these awesome apps, you’ll learn yoga and be as flexible as you want to be! 

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