7 Ways That Will Help You Keep Your Digital Files Organized In Your Computer

Are the digital files in your computer cluttered and messy like the typical work desk in real life? Even when technology has us getting stuff with convenience, it can get messy as we go through. You think, “Oh don’t worry, my stuff won’t be so disorganized”. Then months later, you’re struggling to find the photo you saved on your computer.

Don’t worry, you can keep your files organized and arranged. Ready to learn how? Here are the ways….

1. Take advantage of folders
When organizing your files, it’s a good idea to take advantage of folders. Why? Because you can make many of them and give them names so that you can place the files according to your preference. Need to organize the photos of your important days? Have some projects that are for work? Got some sheets that are all for the glory of a goal? Let the folders keep them safe for you.

2. Go minimal
It’s also good to go minimal as you’re organizing your files. What I mean here is you don’t have to have so many things going everywhere. This means you can have just a few folders that can keep your files for you. You can also keep a few files you feel are important while also following the next way which is….

3. Discard the files that you no longer need
When you’re organizing your digital stuff, you may find files that aren’t in use anymore. When you’re going minimal, it’s best to discard them because you no longer need them. From a song that hasn’t been used for a while to a corrupted document, just delete them.

4. Arrange your files in places that are easy to reach
While organizing your stuff, it’s a good idea they’re easy to reach. After all, it’s gonna be a headache when the files you need are deep within your computer and it’s a hassle to reach them.

5. Organize your files by the format
What’s meant here is to keep them organized by the type they are. Photos, text documents, programs, zipped files… it’s a good idea to gather the files by the type they are and arrange them accordingly. Trust me, it’ll pay off in the long run.

6. Have some backup ready
You’ll never know when your computer will break down on you or if you need to make some transfers, so it’s a good idea to organize your files for back up too. One good idea is to upload them in Google Drive, an online file storage service where you can upload your files. Another option is storing them in USB drives and putting them in a nice safe place when needed. 

7. Make good use of shortcuts
This will definitely come in handy when you need it. With shortcuts, you can search for your organized files without messing up your arrangements. After all, why go through so many arranged folders when you can establish a shortcut that will have you leap through the maze? You can search for the steps depending on the operating system your computer’s on so that you can make the shortcuts with ease. 

With these ways, you’ll have your computer files organized in no time! If you got other cool ways, let us know in the comments below.

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