7 Ways To Tackle Your Video Game Backlog

Admit it: you got a video game backlog right? Just as you have a book backlog, you got games piling up like a basket full of laundry. Don’t worry, I know the feel: I got a backlog too. After all, there are so many games to choose from that you’d think you can buy just one but then you’ll find yourself buying more, and more, and more… until you find yourself having too many to play just like the image above. 

So how then can you tackle the video game backlog you’ve just built up. Here are a few ways…. 

1. Assess the gaming systems you currently have 
The first thing you’ll want to do is count how many consoles you have at the moment. By doing so, you’ll be able to do the next steps easily. Also, it’s time you assessed how many systems you have. Why, do you think you have all the world’s gaming systems in your living room? 

2. List down the games you’re currently playing on each of the systems you have
Once you’ve got a good idea of how many gaming systems you have, it’s time to list down the games you play on each of them. So if you have 2 gaming systems, jot down the games you play on both. 

3. Set aside time and day for the games and systems you choose
Next, set aside a fixed amount of time and day for the games and systems you choose. For example, you can set aside 2 hours on your 1st day off at home to tackle down the zombies or have 30 minutes of your lunch time at work to take down opponents in a fighting game.

4. Embrace JOMO when tackling your backlog
No matter how you try to deny it, it’s inevitable: out there, there will be gamers who can finish the game faster than you. There will also be gamers who will post their achievement on Youtube hours after a new game is released. In short, the “fear of missing out” or FOMO will creep right into your mind. So how can you counter this? By embracing the “joy of missing out” or JOMO. It’s crazy but it can actually work because when you let go of the notion that you have to catch up or be on par with others, you can enjoy the game at your own pace. Plus, you can get your money’s worth just shutting down your mind telling you have to finish the game to tackle another game and so on. So embrace JOMO and enjoy the finishing the backlog at a pace you’re comfortable with.

5. Take a break 
As you plow through your video game backlog journey, take a good break once in a while. After 30 minutes to 1 hour, pause the game and take a break. It’ll not only help you relax, but it’ll also give you that sense of accomplishment that you’re getting closer. 

6. Seek guidance when you need it
Yep, that’s right. In this day and age, games can be hard sometimes. We all got our pride, so it might seem like a sign of weakness that we can’t exactly finish them on our own. But don’t be ashamed; even I seek guidance for some games I’m currently playing when I need it. Of course, I don’t use the guidance all the way; it’s fun to figure things out on your own. But what I’m saying is when there’s a part of the game in your backlog that’s a bit difficult, just Google about it and get moving. 

7. Enjoy and chill!
Finally, enjoy and chill! There’s no need to feel rushed or pressured. It’s all about having a good time

All in all, tackling the video game backlog shouldn’t be daunting. Sure, you may not be able to play the latest games like your friends, but there’s just something fun about playing the games you planned to finish before. And when you do achieve your goal, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment that’ll give you energy to tackle the next game in your list. So go on and take on the video game backlog with energy!

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