8 Online Shopping Places To Visit For Convenience

Back then, shopping meant you had to get off your butt and look for what you needed physically. Nowadays, you can use the convenience of the online world and shop what you need while you’re chilling everywhere. Of course, you can’t just shop online aimlessly and not know where you’re going. That’s why here at Plugged In & Out, we’ll show you 8 online shopping places to visit for convenience.

1. Amazon
Just one mention of their name and you know it’s the place. Amazon is the online shopping site almost everybody in the world knows. Whether you need a new stove, a great bag, or anything that’ll make your life rich, Amazon has it for you. They also sell exclusive items such as their Echo devices. Plus, you get great deals when you’re a Prime member. Awesome, right? 

2. Lazada
If the USA and other parts of the world have Amazon, how about Southeast Asia? That’s where Lazada comes in. Built to adapt the Amazon business model for Asia, Lazada is almost like the Asian counterpart to Amazon. It offers a wide selection of items ranging from phone accessories to cooking items. They also have crazy sales that’ll make you wonder if you’ll still have enough money by the end of the day. Though they don’t have the perks of Amazon’s premium membership, Lazada’s still a great online shop to purchase from when living in Asia. 

3. Alibaba
Famously known for making quite a big IPO, Alibaba is one of the world’s largest online retailers. Unlike its competitors, Alibaba has other business entities under its belt such as Lazada, which we just listed earlier. They also let you choose your suppliers by region and give you assurance on your shipping. 

4. Ebay
Oh yeah. You know Ebay right? It’s the site that lets you not only buy stuff like you’d do in similar online shopping sites, but also lets you do the infamous auction system. It’s one of the sites that sells directly to consumers, and you get some great finds as you dig further. 
5. Shopee
Lazada’s not the only competitor in Asia when it comes to online shopping. Shopee, an online shopping site that was established 3 years ago, does things Lazada and other competitors but with some differences. For starters, Shopee is very in-depth with its social and mobile components. It also has something called the “Shoppee Guarantee” where payments will be withheld from the sellers until buyers get the orders. 

6. Etsy
With the online shopping competitors bent on taking over the market, is there still a place for the products by hand? Lucky for you, there is and it’s called Etsy. This shopping place is known for selling handcrafted items that you can’t find in any typical shop. From necklaces to shirts, you’ll find the items here were personally made with happiness and love in mind. Also, it goes to show novelty can still pack a punch. Plus, if you’re someone who sells items like the ones sold here, you’ll be glad to know Etsy lets you set up your own mini storefront so you can have a side hustle of your own. So, ready to show the world your handcrafted talent?

7. Google Shopping Search
Google sure is everywhere. They’re already the world’s most well-known search engine, they’re the company that now makes “casting” a norm, and now, they’re shopping assistants! At Google Shopping Search, it utilizes the search engine we know and love by giving you results from hundreds of shopping sites when searching items to pay for. Need a case for your phone? Search for it. Stove busted? Search for it. You can also filter your results according to preferences so you can narrow down the site that suits your needs. 

8. Wish
Anyone who likes some discount shopping can head on over to Wish. Much like eBay, it sells directly to consumers and has great deals for those willing to dig. It also has an app for mobile devices so if you’re feeling like shopping for a good deal while you’re having a cup of coffee, go right ahead! 

These 8 online shopping sites will show you that you can shop with convenience. Whether you need something new or just buy a gift, all you need is an idea and a few clicks to get what you need 😉 

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