9 Spectacular Reasons The Nintendo Switch Is The Must-Have Console For You

The Nintendo Switch: it’s everywhere. From social media to Google, Nintendo’s current-gen console that lets you play anywhere and anytime has become quite popular. Since its release last year, the Nintendo Switch has fascinated world. Heck, I even have one myself! But if you don’t have one yet and you’re wondering whether it’s for you, well, I’ll give you 9 spectacular reasons why it’s the must-have console. Ready? Here you go!

  1. It lets you play anywhere and anytime with ease
    Nintendo goes by with the “anywhere, anytime” tagline in many of their promos. Is it true? After having a lot of time with my Switch, yes. Whether you’re gonna go to a party, have a nice cup of coffee, get some free time after work or just have something to do, the Nintendo Switch lets you play anywhere and anytime with ease. 

  2. You can play multiplayer with the included Joy-Cons right away when starting out
    Oh yes, that’s right. Unlike most consoles, the Nintendo Switch gives you a chance to play multiplayer with the 2 Joy-Cons included while starting out. Sure, you’ll buy another controller at some point, but it’s nice to have that kind of feature when you’re still building your collection right? 

  3. It lets you do the home console experience the way you choose
    Just like reason no. 1, the Nintendo Switch lets you do the home console experience as you like. If you’d like to do it at home with its included dock or play it outside your house, it’s your choice! Whichever way you choose, you have the home console experience right in your hands. 

  4. It has a game selection that you never thought it could have
    There’s just a lot to see. I mean, what console lets you have Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Octopath Traveler, Doom, Golf Story, Okami HD, and other games that you just couldn’t have on other platforms? Try Googling about the best games to buy, and you’ll be amazed at the many choices you can go for to build your library. Also, there’s just something so cool about going co-op with a friend on Resident Evil Revelations 2. 

  5. You can take pictures (and videos in certain games) and share it with your family and friends
    With the cool capture button on the left Joy-Con, you can record the memories you have with the games via pictures. In some games, you can also record the videos. What’s nice about this is you can do it wherever you go! Fought down a boss you’ve been meaning to beat after hours of practice? Share! Have a nice moment in that video game that’ll make your loved ones smile? Share that too! 

  6. Get a chance to bond with your family and friends the gaming way
    Nintendo’s been always seen as a family-friendly company, so it’s no surprise the Nintendo Switch was built with family in mind too. So with this awesome console, you can bond with your loved ones the gaming way. 

  7. Balance gaming time easily
    Just as you’ve learned here, you can fit gaming into your daily life. So you’ll be pleased to know with the Switch, balancing your gaming time is easy. After all, when your timed session is over, you can simply put the console in sleep mode and presto! You can take your break right away. 

  8. Nintendo Switch Online!
    Yep, you might see me try and become the unofficial spokesperson for this, but I must say that it’s a great reason. Besides being able to let you play online, it includes the sweet NES app. With 20 classic games (and more added as the months go by), you can take a break from modern gaming and have a nice session taking down Bowser and his minions in the Super Mario Bros. game. Awesome, right?

  9. It’s just awesome!
    ‘Nuff said 😉

So there! These 9 spectacular reasons should convince you the Nintendo Switch is the right console for you.

If you got other reasons not listed, feel free to give us a comment below! 

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