Welcome to Plugged In & Out, a blog that will help you balance your online and offline activities with ease and clarity. Whether you’re trying to make a balance with your online work or you’d like to venture out in the world of offline or you’d like to keep them in sync, this blog will help you walk the right path.

Who I Am And Why I’m Doing This

I’m Miguel Marfori, and I’m working a full-time job as a call center agent. I’m doing this blog because for the last few years, I’ve seen how technology, while beneficial and awesome, can be harmful when it’s used too much. I’ve often looked for sites that can help me learn how to balance my online and offline lives. But everywhere I check, tech gets a bad rep. So after doing something thinking, I thought, “Why not I make a blog about how we can balance our online and offline lives in harmony?”. After checking out the popular guides out there and looking for a plan that can fit my time and budget, I finally got the blog up and running.

What’s Plugged In & Out?

The title says it all. Plugged In & Out is the blog that will guide you on ways to balance your offline and online activities. It’s

Plugged In – This is the online phase of our lives. Whether you’re using a computer or a phone, you “plug in” to the online world.

Plugged Out – This is the offline phase of our lives. This is where you’re having fun drawing on paper, strolling in the park, having a nice coffee date, or any activity that doesn’t involve technology.

Plugged In & Out – This is where our online and offline phases intersect. Love to bring your online friends to the park? Looking to find a paper book on eBay? Need help with your yoga from Youtube? This is where to be when you want to enhance your online and offline lives with balance

As you explore this blog, you’ll learn everything there is to know about how to keep these phases balanced. You’ll also gain understanding on what you can do to improve your life both online and offline.

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