Assemble A Plugged Out Group

Plugging out is a liberating experience. When you stop using Facebook, put a pause on your video games, or turn off technology, you can experience real life. But it gets boring when you’re on your own right? Sure, you may have great memories, but deep down, you’ll wish you could have a few people join you. Well, why not assemble a plugged out group? This is the kind of group that you can form so that you can have a nice time plugging out together. Yes, you can organize an offline hangout, but the plugged out group is a different concept because you’ll really have to be plugged out. This means no urge for checking the headlines or playing a video game. So how can you go about this? Here are ways to do that…

1. Talk to people you’d like to be part of the group
When assembling the plugged out group, it’s a good idea to talk to the ones you feel can be part of it. Do you know anyone who’s struggling to balance their online and offline lives? Someone who wants to enrich their offline life?  Anyone who wants to see the world beyond the screen? Those are the people you can talk with.

2. Set a schedule you can all agree with
Once you’ve gathered the individuals you feel suit your group, you’ll then need to decide on the schedule you can all agree with. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or after-work thing, set the schedule that your group can go with that won’t be an issue.

3. Choose the activities that’s suitable for the group
When you and the rest of the group are plugging out, you’ll need to have some activities ready. So what can you and the group do? Here are some suggestions:

  • (Physical) Book Reading
  • Board Games
  • Cafe Session
  • Chat

Just make sure that the activities you’re planning to do are all plugged out. So yes, no multiplayer video game sessions okay?

4. Have everyone else make suggestions

You may be the one assembling the group, but it’s a good idea to have everyone else make suggestions too. Not only will this make the group more lively, but you’ll also find out more about them as individuals. It’s nice to hear that even the shy among you can have the best ideas already racked up.

5. Pick a place that’ll be the group’s meeting place
When you’ve done the previous steps, where will you and the group hangout? Make sure that it’s the place everyone can go with. This means if one member doesn’t like the beach, don’t go for the beach. If another member prefers the indoors like a house or a cafe, go for that. As long as everyone is 100% on the meeting place, stick with that.

6. Decide on how to communicate with others
This is where a bit of plugging in is involved. When you’re about to do no 1, you’ll likely need to use social media or your phone or other means to communicate. So make sure that when you’re making contact with the people you’ve decided to add to the plugged out group, keep your goal in mind and let them know your intentions.

7. Have a plan for minimal plugging in
In this day and age, people will always have that emergency mindset. So you may find some of the members of your plugged out group will have worries and anxieties when they separate from their devices. In this case, it’s best to have a plan for minimal plugging in. For example, you can designate one member to have a phone ready for any emergencies. Another example is keeping your devices off until the session is over. Whichever plan you choose, always remember to plug in minimally. After all, you and the group are plugging out to enjoy life outside the screens right?

So these are the steps to follow to assemble your plugged out group. It might not be easy, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

Plug Right In!

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