Laptop VS. Desktop: Which Computer Suits You? 

When it comes to computers, you have to ask yourself: which suits you? After all, as you’re balancing your online life, you’ll need to have one at some point (unless you’re used to phones and tablets. In that case, skip this article right now). But then yeah… “which suits you?”. In the computer world, you got 2 types to consider: the laptop and the desktop. As you already know, laptops are these:

While desktop computers are these (note: this is just a general representation. There are smaller CPUs these days but you get the idea):

It’ll definitely be a bit of a hurdle to choose because you have to determine so many things. That’s why we’re here to give you the lowdown on these 2 computer types so you can determine which one fits the bill. Ready? Here we go…

1. Are you a home person or out-of-home person?
This one’s a good question to answer. Do you find yourself being at home most of the time? Are you a home worker? Do you need to keep safeguard of the house while everybody you care about are out? A desktop computer’s a good option to consider. But if you’re the type who lives in the apartment and is on-the-go, a laptop computer will be more of a thing for you. 

2. Do you like to customize your tech or just go with it out-of-the-box?
When it comes to customization, desktop computers are the leaders in this. Just search Youtube for a while and you’ll see a plethora of videos that showcase desktop computer customization like it’s a different world. From the small to the big, you can assemble your own computer and call it your own. But take note though: customizing your PC can take a lot of time. Unless you have a lot of time to spare, you’ll find it a daunting task. So if you’re the type who likes to go with it out-of-the-box, laptops are the way to go. They’re already assembled, packed, and ready for use. 

3. Do you have tasks that require some power?
What we mean here is if the computer you need has the things you need. For example, if you’re the person who does a lot of video editing or image editing and stores the high-quality files, you’re better off with a desktop computer. Another example is if you’re a writer who keeps a lot of drafts that don’t fill up too much of the hard drive, laptop’s your buddy. It’s always a good idea to consider the tasks and projects you have and how much power you’ll really need. 

4. Is your budget enough for what you’re going for?
This one is another important factor to consider: the budget. When it comes to getting more with your money, the desktop computer wins here. Why? While it may be a bit daunting to assemble, it’ll be kind to your wallet. Look deeper into part hunting and you’ll find there’s loads of PC parts that can save you a lot. As for laptops, prepare to fork over a higher budget if you want to have a decent model. After all, they’re more limited than desktops. Then there’s the fact that every year, laptop prices go down as new models come in. 

5. Are you a gamer? 
If you are, then it also depends on your lifestyle and how you answered factor no. 1. If you’re more of the home person, the desktop computer is your buddy for gaming because you can keep yourself updated with the latest developments to keep your games up-and-running. But, if you’re on-the-go, you’d better make sure to get the laptop computer that’ll play your games with a good performance. But, if you’re not a gamer, just go with the computer that suits you.

6. Are you conscious with your power consumption? 
This is another important question to consider. For the person who’s on a tight budget with electricity bills, you’d better go for the laptop computer since they’re less consuming with the power. But, if you’re in control of the electricity, the desktop computer is your go-to device. Just make sure your power’s not turned off abruptly, okay? 

7. Will you be ready when repairs are needed?
I know it’s a bit early to consider but at some point, you may need to and when it comes to repairing, there’s a lot to think about. If you’re going for the laptop, be ready to fork over a bit of dough to repair since they’re not easy to disassemble. Also, if the laptop is considered a wreck, you may have to order another one. But, if you have a desktop computer, you can be at ease because replacing the parts can be a breeze. Also, less costly.

There are other factors to consider besides what’s written above but overall, it’s your call on what you’ll go for. Whether you want to keep your gaming portable or have the set-up that’ll keep your work intact with safety or just have something to keep you organized, go for what suits your lifestyle. 

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