Why Spending 30 Minutes Plugged Out When You Wake Up Is A Must

When you wake up from your deep slumber, what do you do first? If you’re like most people these days, you head straight for your device while you’re preparing for work or readying up your breakfast. Or, you have some kind of event going along and you need to check it up on your phone. 

But I’m here to tell you: it’s a good idea to plug out first. Why? Besides me telling you you’re here at Plugged In & Out, where you balance your online and offline lives, there are other reasons why you shouldn’t go for your phone to catch up on your TV show straight away. Here they are…

1. Have a chance to chill and relax
Yep, that’s right. These days, we may find ourselves wondering why we’re so tired, stressed, anxious, negative, and drained. When you take the time to pause, you’ll find you’re quite stressed while you’re plugged in. That’s why when you stay plugged out for 30 minutes after waking up from your sleep, you’ll have a chance to chill and relax. Yeah, that’s it. Sure, it might have you worry that your papers aren’t going to be done or you’re anxious to find out what the latest game is all about but when you chill and relax, it’ll give you more energy. Cool, right?

2. Get some breakfast to get you through the day (and have some water too)
Oh yeah, don’t deny this. There have been times that you wake up, head straight for your device, and skip breakfast right? Don’t worry, I’ve been there a lot of times. So it’s a good idea to stop doing that and take your 30-minute plugged out phase to have breakfast because it’s good for your body, it helps you control your weight, and gives you energy for the day. Also, have some water too. It’ll not only keep your metabolism in check, it’ll also flush out the toxins in your body among other benefits. Also, do you really need to be reminded that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Your Facebook updates can wait. 

3. Do some exercise and yoga to firmly calm your mind
Whether you need to get fit, establish a calm mindset, or do other things to keep yourself in shape, staying plugged out first thing in the morning gives you time to exercise. It’ll also give you a chance to do yoga. You don’t need to sweat it so hard that you’ll pant like a dog. The idea here is by establishing a good habit, you’ll find yourself eager to keep yourself in shape. At the very least, you can laugh at those silly 9GAG videos knowing you did well for your body. 

4. Set up what you’ll do during the day without any distractions
Face it guys: you always say you’ll set up what you’ll do for the day, but you still end up lounging around with your phone and checking out those Youtube videos that clearly don’t do anything for you. That’s why when you plug out 30 minutes after waking up, you’ll have no distractions anymore. This gives you a chance to get a piece of paper and pen so that you can write down what you’ll do today. Doing chores? Need to buy supplies? Have a date to go to? Need time to write on your journal? When you’re done, you’ll feel good knowing you already have your day planned out. 

5. Meditate!
Oh yes. I don’t need say why this is a good reason when plugging out after waking up. After all, you need to slow down from the anxiety that comes with the online world, so meditation is a good way to get you into a state of calmness. Also, if you’re struggling to find a good place to meditate, you can head here for places you can try out.

6. Take a nice stroll (without your device)
If no. 3 is a bit hard for you to do or you’re just not in the mood for it, why not take a nice morning walk without your device on you? It’ll help a lot because it gives you a chance to just see the world without looking at a screen. Plus, when was the last time you even took a walk in your neighborhood?

7. Pause and reflect
Finally, a good reason why spending 30 minutes plugged when you wake up is so you can pause and reflect. It might seem silly at first, but in time, you’ll understand why this is a must. Think about it: when was the last time you just woke up, did the previous reasons, and sat down calmly to pause and reflect on everything that’s happened? By pausing and reflecting, you’ll be able to enrich your offline life and find the balance you’ve been looking for. 

There you go! With these reasons, you’ll see why not plugging in right away after you wake up is a good idea. So don’t go turning on your phone to find out what’s happening around the world; get something to eat and chill 😉 

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